About us & Vision

Crowd Growing is a cannabis ecosystem based on years of research, development and experience. Together with experts in this field and the support of our cooperation partners, we have created a unique cultivation concept - our so-called Growing Street. This concept has been tested and perfected over the past 2 years and is now ready to be offered in its current form to the global market. To sum up our goals and vision: (ICONS)


Positively impact thousands of people’s health by developing the highest quality of cannabis products and boost the global distribution.


Give people an opportunity to easily participate in the emerging market of cannabis through our business model.


With a sustainable as well as profitable business we aim to become a global market leader in the cannabis industry.


The cannabis market is evolving rapidly, and after years of prohibition, it is regaining increasing social acceptance.

As so often in the past, the US continent has been setting the trend, whereby Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize cannabis.

Following the legalization in California and Canada, the wave also started to spread to Europe. Here Luxembourg was the first European country to announce its plans to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Investors and experts believe a domino effect could follow as previously seen in North America and Asia.

Therefore we would summarize our core values on which we develop the business as the following:


According to different market analyses and expert statistics, the cannabis industry could reach 100 million $ by 2025.

Business Model

in facilities/Hosting of
growing equipment
Purchase of growing equipment
Profit From Harvest
Profit Share

The main problems

A large investment is needed to get started, as facilities, products, equipment, etc. need to be financed to launch the business.
Furthermore, many people lack the specific expertise in the cannabis market to be able to implement something profitable and functional.
Also difficult and varying regulations in different countries make it even more challenging to enter the cannabis business.

Our solution

The big advantage for customers of Crowd Growing is that they can easily profit from the cannabis market. Crowd Growing enables them to profit with the same leverage that normally only big investors in this market have, as they provide the necessary infrastructure.
Crowd Growing provides the complete chain of logistics and hosts the customers‘ equipment. This provides each customer the opportunity to become a part of a big player in this market without the need of their own products, facilities or expertise.
Since our growing strategy is based on a certain cycle, where each week new plants are planted as well as old plants are harvested, it is possible to sell new harvests on a weekly basis and therefore also share profits of these sales with our clients.

Growing Street

Step 1

Preparation of own feminized genetics focus on good look, smell and taste

Selection of good and stable genetic Processing of seedlings or clones of the mother plants

Step 2

Growth of the plant until the flowering start (18h light /6h dark)
Process time: 4-5 weeks

Step 3

After 4-5 weeks lightning gets switched to 12h light/ 12h dark in order to transform the plant into the flowering. This process takes 3-4 weeks

Step 4
Harvesting drying, trimming

After this previous 8 week process, the harvesting time begins. The whole harvest is processed and completed within one day.

Drying and fermenting of the flowers in vacuum closed drying chamber.

Step 5
Packaging and sale

Before the product can be distributed a laboratory test is required.


In order to diversify and thereby lower the risk of being effected by future cannabis regulations we are working in different countries and jurisdictions of Europe. As we aim to grow fast in the future we will strive to cooperate with additional facilities in different locations. Before entering in to a bigger cooperation and therefore make a facility one of our main strategic partners, we run intense test investments as well as several test grows to ensure highest quality as well as professional business execution in the future.

Right now our main partners are located in:


Other cooperation partners are located in Greece and North Macedonia. We are invested with these partners and are currently in the test growing stages. The environment, the setup, as well as the conditions are so far favorable to us, we will reveal more information as soon as we have completed the testing stages.