With Crowd Growing you have the opportunity to invest into the cannabis market without having any facilities, licenses nor knowledge by yourself. You simply invest into growing equipment which will be hosted then in one of our partner’s facilities and share the profits with you.

The starter, advanced & professional plan don’t differ in any form from profitability, only the founder plan will pay users 1 - 3% more per month. Depending which plan you purchase you will have different commission earning opportunities.
Starter: 5% direct commission / 1 - 2 level residual income bonus
Advanced: 6% direct commission / 1 – 4 level residual income bonus
Professional: 7% direct commission / 1 – 8 level residual income bonus

It’s not possible to upgrade a hosting plan but for example if you buy multiple beginner plans and the total value reaches 1000$ or more, you’re investment status will automatically be upgraded to Advanced. That will give you the opportunity to benefit of higher earnings through our partner program.

Profits are distributed every Friday 1 pm GMT. If you have invested before Friday 1 pm GMT, you will receive a profit in the following week. This gives us enough time to setup your growing equipment accordingly and start hosting it on time.

A residual commission is paid to the affiliate who referred a customer and is qualified for the affiliate program. Through the residual commission you are earning a 10% commission every time one of your customers is receiving a profit share from his hosting plan.

We accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT)

Withdrawals are only processed in Bitcoin (BTC)

Withdrawals are processed once per day at 7 pm GMT. Please notice: You can only request one withdrawal per 24 hours.

Yes we are taking a withdrawal fee of 3%. This helps us to maintain the payment system as well as covering the money management fees in the background.

Yes you need to have at least a beginner plan in order to be qualified to earn commissions.
Please notice: You can already refer people without having purchased a product yet.

No it’s not, our partner facilities primarily grow CBD and CBG and are compliant to the respective regulations in each operating country.

800 - 1000 days, depending on the hosting plan.

After 800 - 1000 days you have the opportunity to renew your contract for 50% of the initial costs or request a withdrawal of 50% of your initial investment.

After 1 confirmation the deposit will be automatically credited to your balance.